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I was working on myExperiment and SysMO projects during my Industrial Placement year with myGrid team.

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Field/Industry: Computer Science

Occupation/Role(s): Student / Intern / Software Developer


University of Manchester



User Jiten Bhagat

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Your friendly neighbourhood BioCatalogue and myExperiment developer

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User Mannie Tagarira

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I am a software engineering student (undergrad) at the University of Manchester.  I am currently doing my placement year with the myGrid research team.

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Field/Industry:Software Engineering | Occupation/Role(s):Student - Intern


User Paul Fisher

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I am currently employed by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). As a consequence, the workflows developed previously to this employment (before 5th September 2011) may no longer be supported.

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Field/Industry:Bioinformatics | Occupation/Role(s):Bioinformatics Scientist


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