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I was working on myExperiment and SysMO projects during my Industrial Placement year with myGrid team.

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Field/Industry: Computer Science

Occupation/Role(s): Student / Intern / Software Developer


University of Manchester


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Workflow Genetic Analysis parallel processing example (1)

This workflow shows both parallel and sequential elements. Input files are read in parallel and the resulting output shared with later activities.

Created: 2008-10-13

Credits: Network-member Trident

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Workflow Blat against ENSEMBLE Danio_rerio_Genome (1)

The blat workflow invokes the blat services provided at (author Pieter Neerincx). As input, it takes a database name (for example, Danio_rerio_Genome for Zebra Fish) and one or more sequences in Fasta format. The output will be a tab separated output of the blat. An eValue string constant is added to filter on the e-Value. Note, the e-Value is not exactly the same as the blast e-Value. To run this workflow, a certificate to access needs to instal...

Created: 2008-10-15 | Last updated: 2008-10-15

Credits: User Wassinki

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