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Location: Wageningen, Netherlands

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I have added my ‘abstract’ for the NBIC workshop ‘NBIC on workflows’ as a blog:

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BioMoby web services
Micro array probe design & annotation
Genome annotation
Text mining & data mining in general

Field/Industry: Biology

Occupation/Role(s): PhD student


Wageningen University & Research centre
Laboratory of Bioinformatics


Groups that Pieter Neerincx owns

Network-member myExperimentBeanshellCollection

Unique name: myExperimentBeanshellCollection
Created: Thursday 06 March 2008 11:41:29 (UTC)

Group for development, curation and maintenance of collections of generic Beanshell processors. Join this group if you have some cool Beanshells that you want to share! Please add your Beanshells to the myExperimentBeanshellCollection workflow and don't create new workflows for this purpose. (It's not fun to load dozens of workflows manually to load a fragmented collection of Beanshells.) If t...

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Network-member Bioinformatics for Proteomics Platform

Unique name: proteomics
Created: Friday 31 July 2009 14:06:08 (UTC)

This will be the Dutch Bioinformatics For Proteomics Platform group

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Network-member e-science support team for NBIC

Unique name: eScienceSupportTeam4NBIC
Created: Sunday 16 March 2008 22:23:11 (UTC)

This group brings together scientists with expertise in both (medical) bioinformatics and e-science. The members can give advice to bioinformaticians who want to adopt an 'e-science approach'. They want to share their expertise and experience for the application of technologies such as workflow, web/biomoby services, grid, semantic web, etcetera. The group was founded in particular for the Du...

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Network-member BioAssist_NL

Unique name: bioassist_nl
Created: Wednesday 01 August 2007 13:05:51 (UTC)

NBIC's BioAssist program BioAssist[1], organised by the Netherlands BioInformatics Centre (NBIC[2]), is a program for support and dissemination of bioinformatics tools and expertise in the Netherlands. It advocates the use of e-science standards such as web services and workflow. It is associated with the projects VL-e[3] and BioRange[4]. Links:

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Network-member BioRange_NL

Unique name: biorange_nl
Created: Wednesday 01 August 2007 13:03:24 (UTC)

Introduction ------------ BioRange[1] is a Dutch nationwide program for bioinformatics research. It is associated with VL-e[2], an e-science research project that investigates and develops technology to enhance science through general grid-based infrastructure and tools for six diverging applications. Bioinformatics is one of them. Another association is with BioAssist[3], a bioinformatics ...

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Network-member Text mining network

Created: Monday 12 November 2007 23:01:26 (UTC)

The Text mining network on The text mining network on is a network of users of text mining workflows and services developers of text mining workflows developers of text mining services Goals (general) increase the efficacy of the field a place for users/developers to find text mining resources and experts derive text mining...

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Network-member NBIConWorkflows

Created: Tuesday 22 January 2008 17:46:11 (UTC)

Group for scientists associated with NBIC (Netherlands BioInformatics Centre) to discuss anything about (Taverna) workflows. New members are kindly requested to provide some information about their (future) interest in (Taverna) workflows in their profile description or in a seperate file with a reference in their profile description.

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