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Network-member CWA-Working Group 3.3 Advocacy

Unique name: CWAAdvocacy
Created: Thursday 27 August 2009 08:29:40 (UTC)

This CWA Group concerns itself with advocating the use of disambiguated concepts and concept triples in any environment of (scientific) knowledge exchange.

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Members (2):

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Network-member CWA working group 2.1 - Content Capture

Unique name: CWA_ContentCapture
Created: Tuesday 01 September 2009 13:06:04 (UTC)

Concept Web Alliance working group on content capture CWA wants to help disclose experiment-derived knowledge from within the scientific community via concepts and relations between concepts, stored as concept-relation-concept triples that together form a 'nano-publication'. A nano-publication contains a single 'unit of though', and minimal provenance about who made it, where it was stated, ho...

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Network-member CWA users

Unique name: CWA_Users
Created: Tuesday 01 September 2009 16:35:48 (UTC)

Group for (potential) users of the Concept Web. See below for information on CWA taken from the Concept Web Alliance Blog. Also see other CWA groups here on myExperiment. Please request to join this group if you are (i) a scientist working in application fields such as life science, (ii) interested in computer support for sharing knowledge between (computational) experiments and between scie...

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Network-member CWA Working Group 2.6: Storage and mainten...

Created: Friday 27 November 2009 19:39:12 (UTC)

A fundamental challenge facing the Semantic Web and the Concept Web Alliance is making essential information available from triple stores. The scale of the information that users eventually want to share and access is generally larger than will fit into a single triple store. Also, it is impossible to centralize all knowledge in a CWA knowledge warehouse. For this reason, federation of data sou...

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