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I am currently employed by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). As a consequence, the workflows developed previously to this employment (before 5th September 2011) may no longer be supported.

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QTL analysis
Biological pathway analysis
In silico automation
Genome Sequencing
Disease gene identification

Field/Industry: Bioinformatics

Occupation/Role(s): Bioinformatics Scientist


Not specified


User Alan Williams Admin_badge

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No description

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Field/Industry:Computer science | Occupation/Role(s):Technical manager


User Alex Nenadic

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No description

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User Alex Voss

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I shall soon be starting my post as a SICSA Advanced Research Fellow in the School of Computer Science at the University of St Andrews.

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User Andrea Wiggins

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I'm a PhD student at Syracuse University's School of Information Studies. My research interests include virtual teams and technology-mediated collaboration.

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Website: | Email (public):awiggins [at]

Field/Industry:Information Science | Occupation/Role(s):PhD Student


User Andrew Gibson

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My background is in biology, and I am now mostly interested in developing emerging technologies from computer science and trying to make them more accessible to scientists, and as such am interested in what myExperiment is doing.

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Email (public):gibson [at]

Field/Industry:Academia | Occupation/Role(s):Postdoctoral Researcher


User Anika Joecker

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I am a Postdoc and teamleader of the bioinformatics group at the Molecular Genome Analysis division at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg, Germany. Currently I am working on the analysis of Next-Generation Sequencing data, statistical analysis of Microspot Immunoassays and data integration. Before I joined the DKFZ I was a PHD student in the group of Heiko Schoof at the Max-Planck...

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Website: | Email (public):ajoecker [at]

Field/Industry:Cancer research | Occupation/Role(s):Postdoc and Teamleader

User Anthony Underwood

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Molecular Biologist at heart but with a geek inside. An almost fanatical love of Apple Macs (don't get me started!) Working on prokaryotic pathogen genomics, molecular phylogenetics and modelling of VNTR evolution. Programming skills in Perl, Ruby and Java and whatever is the latest cool thing (one of the cardinal sins!)

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Website: | Email (public):email2ants [at]

User Antoine van Kampen

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See or

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User Antoon Goderis

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Forget Poirot, how about an infamous Belgian

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Occupation/Role(s):Former member of the myExperiment project


User Barend

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The reason I joined MyExperiment is that I believe that such an environment, when properly supported by in-text semantic technologies could drive international collaboration, e-science, but notably community annotation of dispersed biological resources, that is why we started the Concept Web Alliance, with several of the founders of MyExperiment at the table. Since October 2009 I am the head o...

Last active:Friday 18 March 2011 09:17:59 (UTC)

Website: | Email (public):barend.mons [at]

Field/Industry:Bioinformatics, computational biology, Concept Web | Occupation/Role(s):Associate Professor, Head of the BioAssist Program of NBIC


User Carole Goble

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I work on myExperiment.

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User David De Roure Admin_badge

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Dave De Roure is a Professor of e-Research in the Oxford e-Research Centre and National Strategic Director for e-Social Science. Closely involved in the UK e-Science programme, his projects draw on Web 2.0, Semantic Web, workflow and pervasive computing technologies and he focuses on the co-evolution of digital technologies and research methods in and between multiple disciplines. The...

Last active:Thursday 11 April 2019 07:12:39 (UTC)

Website: | Email (public):david.deroure [at]

Field/Industry:e-Research | Occupation/Role(s):Director of Oxford e-Research Centre

User David R Newman

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No description

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Field/Industry:University Research | Occupation/Role(s):Research Assistant


User David Withers

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I'm a software engineer working on the Taverna and myExperiment projects.

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Email (public):david.withers [at]

Field/Industry:Computer Science | Occupation/Role(s):Software Engineer

User Don Cruickshank Admin_badge

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I am a myExperiment developer.

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Occupation/Role(s):Computer Scientist


User Duncan Hull

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I'm one of Dougs Thugs and a user advocate for myExperiment.

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User Franck Tanoh

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No description

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User George

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No description

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Email (public):georgina.moulton [at]

Field/Industry:Bio/Health Informatics Education and Development | Occupation/Role(s):Education and Development Fellow


User Girish

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I am a Masters student in Indiana University Bloomington. I am trying to collect various data provenance informataion from various workflows. I am right now looking for workflows which uses the EUtils Service provided by the NCBI. I am trying to add instrumentation points in the work flow and collect data provenance , by executing them.  

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Website: | Email (public):subramag [at]

Field/Industry:Computer Science | Occupation/Role(s):Student

User Hong Chang Bum

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No description

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User James Eales

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No description

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User Jiten Bhagat

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Your friendly neighbourhood BioCatalogue and myExperiment developer

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Email (public):jits [at]

Occupation/Role(s):Software Developer/Engineer


User Julie klein

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No description

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User Jun Zhao

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No description

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Field/Industry:Research/Biological informatics | Occupation/Role(s):Research Officer


User Jweile

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No description

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User Katy Wolstencroft

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No description

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User Lucy Bridges

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No description

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User M. Scott Marshall

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No description

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User M.B.Monteiro

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No description

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User Mannie Tagarira

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I am a software engineering student (undergrad) at the University of Manchester.  I am currently doing my placement year with the myGrid research team.

Last active:Monday 14 September 2009 14:33:11 (UTC)

Field/Industry:Software Engineering | Occupation/Role(s):Student - Intern


User Marco Roos

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My role as a biologist and bioinformatician in e-science is to help increase the usefulness of emerging information technologies for biology, while experimenting with new ways to increase insight into mechanisms related to structure and function of DNA in the cell. I experiment with technologies such as workflow, knowledge extraction from text, semantic web and virtual research environments suc...

Last active:Thursday 28 April 2016 21:38:56 (UTC)

Website: | Email (public):m.roos [at]

Field/Industry:Biology | Occupation/Role(s):PhD, e-(bio)scientist (biology 'power-user'), biology e-Science liaison for NBIC and e-Science organisations


User Mark Borkum

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I'm one of the developers and a postgraduate researcher at the School of Chemistry, University of Southampton (The guitar is an Ibanez RG7321)

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Email (public):mib104 [at]


User Mark Wilkinson

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No description

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Field/Industry:Bioinformatics/Biomedical research | Occupation/Role(s):Assistant professor


User Meik Poschen

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I am a researcher working at the Manchester eResearch Centre (MeRC) in different interdisciplinary projects, e.g. exploring uptake, use and design of new information and communication technology (Web/Research 2.0 & social sharing/curation, data management, VRE, e-Science, e-Social Science, e-Infrastructures) in various research/academic domains.

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1438?size=80x80 Gb Mkh

User Mkh

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No description

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Email (public):Khodadadi [at]



User Morris Swertz

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I am interested in generating software infrastructures that biologist want to have. To see what I mean, read NRG 8(3):235 or the online MOLGENIS showcase: Next step is integrating MOLGENIS with other projects like Taverna. For example to run the MetaNetwork protocol (NatProt 2(3):658), currently in R, but I will shortly create a Ta...

Last active:Wednesday 18 December 2013 12:49:27 (UTC)

Website: | Email (public):m.a.swertz [at]


User Paolo

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No description

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User Paul Dobson

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No description

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Field/Industry:Cheminformatics | Occupation/Role(s):PDRA


User Peter Li

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Still enjoys eating at buffet restaurants. Currently, sampling the cuisine that Hong Kong has to offer. Need to be careful and watch my weight though.

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Field/Industry:Government agency | Occupation/Role(s):Data Organization Manager


User Raj Bari

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No description

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Field/Industry:Research | Occupation/Role(s):Postdoc


User Ravi

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No description

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User Saeedeh

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No description

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User Sergejs Aleksejevs

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I was working on myExperiment and SysMO projects during my Industrial Placement year with myGrid team.

Last active:Wednesday 17 August 2011 13:45:45 (UTC)

Field/Industry:Computer Science | Occupation/Role(s):Student / Intern / Software Developer


User Silvia

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No description


User Simon Jupp

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No description

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User Sirisha Gollapudi

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No description

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Email (public):sg303 [at]

Occupation/Role(s):Research Associate

User Stian Soiland-Reyes Admin_badge

Joined: Friday 20 July 2007 16:58:17 (UTC)

I am one of the myGrid developers working in University of Manchester, mainly working on Taverna, but also involved in myExperiment development. Most of the workflows I will publish here on myExperiment are either test workflows (that highlight bugs in Taverna!), technique workflows (like how to do iteration or XML parsing) or other people's workflows that again break Taverna in one way or ...

Last active:Thursday 30 June 2022 09:13:52 (UTC)

Website: | Email (public):soiland-reyes [at]

Field/Industry:Education | Occupation/Role(s):Technical Architect


User Stuart Owen

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SysMO-DB engineer and developer, and Taverna engineer.

Last active:Friday 07 November 2014 16:34:45 (UTC)


Field/Industry:Computer Science | Occupation/Role(s):Software Engineer


User Suza Adam

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Studied journalism and marketing (BA Communications). Practised investor relations for more than 15 years, focused in hi-tech industries such as IT & telecommunications, advanced materials, healthcare, biotech / life sciences. I am a co-owner of Rapid Technologies which offers high quality low priced rapid diagnostic tests and supporting devices for monitoring human and animal health. O...

Last active:Saturday 05 May 2012 20:33:09 (UTC)

Website: | Email (public):suza.adam [at]

Field/Industry:Life Sciences | Biotechnology | Occupation/Role(s):Business entrepreneur


User Tony reynolds

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Hi, My current interests are the use of modern computational technologies in the analysis of NGS data.  I am particularly interested in medical research particularly relating to blood antigens, prostate cancer and obesity.  My other area of interest is in the use of proteomics in translational medicine with the ultimate aim of taking developments from the lab bench / computer to the ...

Last active:Friday 04 July 2014 11:16:27 (UTC)

Email (public):a.j.reynolds [at]

Field/Industry:Next Generation Sequencing Bioinformatics / functional genomics | Occupation/Role(s):Researcher in Next Generation Sequencing Bioinformatics


User William rowe

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No description

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User Xdchen716

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I am a 3st  year PhD student of Nanjing agricultural university, and focus on study of microarray and QTL

Last active:Thursday 10 December 2009 14:33:56 (UTC)

Email (public):xdchen716 [at]

Field/Industry:Genetics and Genomics of Plant | Occupation/Role(s):I am a 3st year PhD student


User Yuwei Lin

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I am a sociologist whose main interest is studying socio-technical dynamics in ICT development and adoption processes.

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Occupation/Role(s):Social Scientist

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