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I'm a PhD student at Syracuse University's School of Information Studies. My research interests include virtual teams and technology-mediated collaboration.

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Free/Libre Open Source Software development, self-organizing systems, virtual collaboration, network science, social media

Field/Industry: Information Science

Occupation/Role(s): PhD Student


Syracuse University


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Network-member Free/Libre Open Source Software

Unique name: FLOSS
Created: Wednesday 06 February 2008 15:17:36 (UTC)

This group is for researchers studying open source software development. Sharing analysis workflows and components is an efficient way to advance the efforts of the FLOSS research community and is consistent with the values of the development communities we study. The aim of this group is to leverage what we have learned from the FLOSS development community, neatly summarized by Eric Raymond: &...

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Latest announcement:: FLOSShub: new FLOSS research resource portal

Network-member IST 600

Unique name: IST600
Created: Wednesday 17 August 2011 03:12:37 (UTC)

Group for students in IST 600, "Workflows: eScience & eResearch" to share workflows.

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Network-member myExperimentBeanshellCollection

Unique name: myExperimentBeanshellCollection
Created: Thursday 06 March 2008 11:41:29 (UTC)

Group for development, curation and maintenance of collections of generic Beanshell processors. Join this group if you have some cool Beanshells that you want to share! Please add your Beanshells to the myExperimentBeanshellCollection workflow and don't create new workflows for this purpose. (It's not fun to load dozens of workflows manually to load a fragmented collection of Beanshells.) If t...

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Network-member Social Scientific Land

Created: Thursday 29 November 2007 11:33:57 (UTC)

No description

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