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I'm a PhD student at Syracuse University's School of Information Studies. My research interests include virtual teams and technology-mediated collaboration.

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Free/Libre Open Source Software development, self-organizing systems, virtual collaboration, network science, social media

Field/Industry: Information Science

Occupation/Role(s): PhD Student


Syracuse University



User Brian Rea

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My main research is in providing assistance and solutions to challenges with research activity through the use of text mining techniques. As part of this goal my research is focussed upon large scale information retrieval tasks and how they can be improved through the integration of text and data mining tools with natural language processing algorithms. In order to achieve the scalability of so...

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Website: | Email (public):brian.rea [at]

Field/Industry:Text Mining | Occupation/Role(s):Research Associate


User Clifflampe

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No description

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Field/Industry:Social Computing | Occupation/Role(s):Assistant Professor


User Crowston

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No description

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Field/Industry:Academia | Occupation/Role(s):Professor


User Dan Delorey

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No description

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User David De Roure Admin_badge

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Dave De Roure is a Professor of e-Research in the Oxford e-Research Centre and National Strategic Director for e-Social Science. Closely involved in the UK e-Science programme, his projects draw on Web 2.0, Semantic Web, workflow and pervasive computing technologies and he focuses on the co-evolution of digital technologies and research methods in and between multiple disciplines. The...

Last active:Thursday 11 April 2019 07:12:39 (UTC)

Website: | Email (public):david.deroure [at]

Field/Industry:e-Research | Occupation/Role(s):Director of Oxford e-Research Centre

User Israel Herraiz

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No description

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User James Howison

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James Howison is post-doctoral associate at the Institute for Software Research at the Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science.

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Website: | Email (public):james [at]

Field/Industry:Information and Organizational Science | Occupation/Role(s):PhD Candidate


User Jiten Bhagat

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Your friendly neighbourhood BioCatalogue and myExperiment developer

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Email (public):jits [at]

Occupation/Role(s):Software Developer/Engineer


User Johnwcobb

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John Cobb is a researcher at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) specializing in introducing high performance computing and cyberinfrastructure for different areas of science and engineering research, particularly experimental and observational data sciences and areas that have not traditionally used these tools to accelerate and increase the impact of their research. His professional prep...

Email (public):cobbjw [at]

User Katy Wolstencroft

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No description

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User Matt hampel

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No description

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User Meik Poschen

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I am a researcher working at the Manchester eResearch Centre (MeRC) in different interdisciplinary projects, e.g. exploring uptake, use and design of new information and communication technology (Web/Research 2.0 & social sharing/curation, data management, VRE, e-Science, e-Social Science, e-Infrastructures) in various research/academic domains.

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User Paul Fisher

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I am currently employed by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). As a consequence, the workflows developed previously to this employment (before 5th September 2011) may no longer be supported.

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Field/Industry:Bioinformatics | Occupation/Role(s):Bioinformatics Scientist


User Ross Gardler

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No description

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Field/Industry:Computer Science | Occupation/Role(s):Programme Leader (Open Development)


User Yuwei Lin

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I am a sociologist whose main interest is studying socio-technical dynamics in ICT development and adoption processes.

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Occupation/Role(s):Social Scientist

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