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Workflows, web services, data handling

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University of Manchester


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Pack Taverna - VPH-Share workshop 17-18 July 2014

Created: 2014-07-09 11:36:13 | Last updated: 2014-08-13 14:37:51

Taverna - VPH-Share workshop 17-18 July 2014Location: The Pam Liversidge Building, Sir Frederick Mappin Building – Sheffield S1 3JD, UKRegistration link: The workshop is a two-day hands-on training event about workflows in the biomedical arena, with a focus on VPH-Share and Taverna.Target community & qualifications: The target community is developers and research scientists working in all areas of biomedical/healthcare research within the...

12 items in this pack

Comments: 1 | Viewed: 75 times | Downloaded: 9 times

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Project Biovel

Workflow Ecological niche modelling workflow (28)

This workflow takes as input a file containing species occurrence points to create a model with the openModeller Web Service. Algorithm, environmental layers and mask are selected during the workflow. The model is tested (internal test and optional cross validation external test) and then projected one or more times. All points from the input file are used to create a single model, even if there are differences in the scientific names. Cross validation calculates the mean AUC. Model projectio...

Created: 2013-01-07 | Last updated: 2015-06-11

Credits: User Renato De Giovanni User Alan Williams User Robert Kulawik User Francisco Quevedo User Vhernand Network-member BioVeL


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Workflow Retrieve_abstract_from_Medline (1)

This workflow retrieves Medline Abstracts given PMIDs (PubMed id) You can use: 9879 as input example to test this workflow

Created: 2008-09-17 | Last updated: 2008-09-17

Credits: User Franck Tanoh

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Workflow DOI2PMID (2)

Converts Digital Object Identifiers into their corresponding PubMed identifiers, if they exist.

Created: 2007-10-03

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