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Associate Professor at the Center for Proteomics and Metabolomics at the Leiden University Medical Center


Mass spectrometry, proteomics, bioinformatics, algorithms, large-scale biology, evolution

Field/Industry: Biomedical

Occupation/Role(s): Principal Investigator


American Society for Mass Spectrometry


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Workflow Trans-proteomic-pipeline like ('TTPish') w... (2)

No description

Created: 2015-12-10 | Last updated: 2016-09-29

Credits: User Robert Winkler

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Workflow Online PubMed author search and geographic... (2)

This workflow retrieves bibliographic data for a single author using the PMC Europe RESTful Web service and visualizes the geographic distribution of this author's and their co-authors' geographic distribution using the rworldmap package. This is version 2.0 of this workflow, incorporating changes to the Web service allowing up to 1,000 records to be retrieved at once, using the pageSize parameter.

Created: 2015-08-19 | Last updated: 2015-09-07

Credits: User Magnus Palmblad User Arzu Tugce Guler

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Workflow Cloud Parallel Processing of Tandem Mass S... (1)

An advanced scientific workflow for searching LC−MS data using SpectraST on the cloud. Uploading the libraries is optimized to achieve better performance, which makes this workflow more suitable for processing mzXML spectra files from human samples, as the corresponding NIST library needed by SpectraST is larger than 2 GB. Here we connect 3 nested workflows, in which the first 2, i.e., decomposeMzxml and uploadToCloud, run in parallel, while the third nested workflow, i.e. runSpectrastO...

Created: 2012-09-10 | Last updated: 2015-08-19

Credits: User Yassene

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Workflow Quantitation of identified proteins from M... (1)

No description

Created: 2014-12-08 | Last updated: 2015-08-19

Credits: User Arzu Tugce Guler

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