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Workflow Answer to biostar (1)

My answer to Question: How to replace a set of sequence ID's with another set of sequence ID's ?? Let us consider I have a file (Notepad or MS-doc) having 10 sequences with ID's A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J. I want to replace the ID's with K, L, M, N, O ,P, Q, R, S, T i.e., A to re replaced with K, B to be replaced with M and so on. How can I do this? I am a Biologist who have newly started analyzing Large data's and having this prob...

Created: 2015-04-20 | Last updated: 2015-04-20

Credits: User Pierre Lindenbaum


Workflow Running a picard tool in the #KNIME workfl... (1)

Running a picard tool in the #KNIME workflow engine . See my blog

Created: 2013-07-18

Credits: User Pierre Lindenbaum


Workflow The NOTCH2 workflow (1)

Analysis of the exome sequencing data for the following article: Nat Genet. 2011 Mar 6;43(4):306-8. Truncating mutations in the last exon of NOTCH2 cause a rare skeletal disorder with osteoporosis. Isidor B, Lindenbaum P, Pichon O, Bézieau S, Dina C, Jacquemont S, Martin-Coignard D, Thauvin-Robinet C, Le Merrer M, Mandel JL, David A, Faivre L, Cormier-Daire V, Redon R, Le Caignec C. using knime4bio

Created: 2011-09-06 | Last updated: 2011-09-06

Credits: User Pierre Lindenbaum


Workflow Query dbsnp, transform to HTML (1)

This is a XProc worklow. Its input is a list of Entrez queries packed in a html list: See "snp_gene_clin"[Filter] AND "snp_pubmed_cited"[Filter] AND 2[CHR] (1000[CHRPOS] : 5000[CHRPOS]) AND 2[CHR] AND "homo sapiens"[Organism] it queries entrez, download the SNPs as XML and transform the result as an HTML table:   r...

Created: 2009-05-21 | Last updated: 2009-05-21

Credits: User Pierre Lindenbaum


Workflow snpNeighbours (1)

My first Taverna workflow:  the input is the SNP "rs25". The Web Services invoked finds its position on the human genome and find its neighbours at 100bp. The XML result is then saved to a local file. The web services used here are under developpement and might be turned off in a near future.

Created: 2009-05-14 | Last updated: 2009-05-14

Credits: User Pierre Lindenbaum

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