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Network-member SyMBA: Systems and Molecular Biology Data ...

Unique name: symba
Created: Wednesday 12 September 2007 11:30:41 (UTC)

SyMBA was originally developed to be a high-throughput data archive for the data created at CISBAN at Newcastle University, but is now a project applicable for many in the biology & bioinformatics community. New developers are always welcome. SyMBA is a data and metadata archive that is based on the Functional Genomics Object Model(FuGE) and which archives, stores, and retrieves raw high-t...

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Network-member ONDEX Graphs

Unique name: ONDEX
Created: Tuesday 10 February 2009 10:45:09 (UTC)

A group for sharing ONDEX graphs in oxl format http://ondex.sourceforge.net/ http://www.ondex.org/  

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Network-member SabrOndexProject

Unique name: SabrOndex
Created: Friday 27 February 2009 15:42:55 (UTC)

This group is set up for the SABR Ondex-Taverna integration http://www.ondex.org

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Network-member BioSemantics

Unique name: biosemantics
Created: Thursday 30 June 2011 13:06:48 (UTC)

Group for members of the BioSemantics group and their close collaborators.BiosemanticsWith the explosion of information in the biomolecular field, there is a dire need for information technology that assists in retrieving, extracting, and relating information and knowledge in the biomedical literature and databases. Biosemantics researchers and developers develop, evaluate, and apply such techn...

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