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Network-member IMPACT Centre of Competence

Unique name: IMPACT
Created: Tuesday 19 January 2010 13:14:21 (UTC)

The IMPACT Centre of Competence for Text Digitisation makes digitisation of historical printed text in Europe better, faster and cheaper by sharing expertise and providing access to tools for all parts of the digitisation workflow. IMPACT also provides tools, services and facilities for further advancement of the State of the Art in this field. 

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Members (58):



Network-member Succeed Hackathon 2014

Created: Thursday 10 April 2014 09:20:01 (UTC)

Group for the 2nd Succeed Hackathon 2014 at University of Alicante

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Workflows (6)

Workflow Sample IMPACT hackathon workflow (1)

Workflow that implements the Use Case for Group 2 at the IMPACT/Taverna hackathon. What it does is to take the URL of a TIFF image and compute the Levenshtein difference between the OCR output of the uncompressed version with various ones compressed at various bit rates.

Created: 2011-11-14 | Last updated: 2012-06-19

Credits: User Donal Fellows


Workflow A heuristic measure for detecting undesire... (2)

The workflow takes TIFF image instances as input, applies a list of JP2 compression parameter values, executes OCR using an open source OCR engine, evaluates the results, and creates a diagram visualising the results. Dependencies on external tools for the tool service components: Tesseract ImageMagick Kakadu Gnuplot Dependencies on external Java libraries of beanshells: Apache commons lang

Created: 2012-02-06 | Last updated: 2012-03-09

Credits: User Sven

Workflow Tesseract 2.04 Basic Workflow (1)

 Elementary workflow for execution on the on-line DAE platform. (requires an uncompressed tiff image URL as input or will fail otherwise)

Created: 2012-10-16

Credits: User Bart Lamiroy

Workflow Ocrad 0.19 Basic Workflow (1)

Elementary OCR workflow for execution on the on-line DAE platform. Implement v0.19 of the ocrad OCR engine. (requires an PGM or PMB input image URL) 

Created: 2012-10-16 | Last updated: 2012-10-16

Credits: User Bart Lamiroy


Workflow Chemical structure extractor - img2structure (1)

Extracts images of chemical structures from PDFs and converts them to usable structure data using the OSRA binaries.An in-progress (incomplete) workflow.This workflow makes use of the External Tool node to access the OSRA structure recognition binaries.So you must have a functioning installation of OSRA and it's dependencies. This may require advanced compiler knowledge on your platform, and may not be a trivial task.OSRA 1.4 is free for both the source & binary distribution. OSRA 2.0...

Created: 2013-05-14 | Last updated: 2013-05-14

Credits: User sauberns

Attributions: Workflow Chemical term extractor - text2structure

Workflow Fraunhofer IAIS mydec (4)

This workflow is provided by the Succeed EU project. For more information about Succeed, please visit http://succeed-project.eu/. For more information about mydec, please visit http://www.iais.fraunhofer.de/mydec.html

Created: 2013-06-04 | Last updated: 2014-02-07

Credits: User cneudecker

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