Group: Concept Web Alliance (general)


This group aims to connect all people actively interested or participating in the new initiative, the Concept Web Alliance.(CWA)

the Aim of the CWA is: “To enable an open collaborative environment to jointly address the challenges associated with high volume scholarly and professional data production, storage, interoperability and analyses for knowledge discovery.“

The 'Magnet Group' is an international group of prominent coleagues in the field of e-science and Web based interoperability who also seve as an interim Sterring Cimmittee.

There are a series of working groups that are already active and some of them have their own focus group in MyExperiment, see below.

Please feel free to join any group that is of direct interest to you and join the discussions

Also, there will be a first CWA conference in the course of 2010

The current working groups are:

1.1    Governance (co-Chairs confirmed: Albert Mons/Jan Velterop)
1.2    Policies
1.3    Organizational structure (Chair confirmed: Albert Mons)
1.4    Legal and licensing
1.5    Capacity building (Chair confirmed: Albert Mons)
1.6    Commercialization / valorization (co-Chairs confirmed: Albert Mons/Jan Velterop)
1.7   Sustainability / public fundraising (Chair confirmed: Barend Mons)

2.1    Unified persistent ID (Chair confirmed: Geoffrey Bilder)

2.2    ConceptWiki (Chair confirmed: Christine Chichester)

2.3    Nano-Publication format (Chair confirmed: Andrew Gibson)

2.4    Content acquisition (Chair confirmed: Christine Chichester)

2.5    Content capture (Chair confirmed: Marco Roos)

2.6    Storage and maintenance (Chair confirmed: Scott Marshall)

2.7    Quality control (Chair confirmed: Christine Chichester)

2.8    Attibution (provenance, credits)

2.9    Reasoning (Chair confirmed: Erik Schultes)

2.10 Tool development (Chair confirmed: Erik van Mulligen)

2.11  Multi-linguality (Chair confirmed: Gerard Meijssen)

3.1    Scientific credibility (Chair confirmed: Antoine van Kampen)
3.2    Advocacy (Chair confirmed: Jan Velterop)
3.3    Conference 2010 (Chair confirmed: Ruben Kok)

We are still looking for Chairs for, the group on Policy and Legal issues and for the group dealing with Provenance, please suggest people.


Created at: Monday 27 July 2009 12:48:15 (UTC)

Unique name: CWA



  1. 30?size=48x48
    Marco Roos shared BioAID_EnirchBioModelWithProteinsFromText
    This workflow is for demonstration purposes only. Please contact the authors if you wish to try it. We will gladly collaborate with you. Summary This workflow extracts proteins and protein relations from Medline. Extracted protein names (symbols of at least 3 characters) are validated against mouse, …
    Wednesday 08 May 2013 14:51:52 (UTC)
  2. 728?size=48x48
    Barend shared nano publication as a way to explain rich triples
    This paper can be used to explain what triples in our context are meant to be and to serve I will present the paper on the semantic web conference workshop 26th of November
    Sunday 25 October 2009 20:38:35 (UTC)
  3. 42?size=48x48
    Carole Goble commented:
    have you guys seen datacite this seems relevant! it came up at the SAGE meeting I was at SAGE is tryijg to do the same thing as CWA but without the semantic web piece they have a lot of startup funding    
    Tuesday 06 October 2009 22:19:13 (UTC)
  4. 728?size=48x48
    Barend commented:
    In response to Andrea, I think we are still waiting for a chair ? I think that Benjamin Good has declined due to the fact that he is takign a sort of sabbatical year.
    Wednesday 09 September 2009 18:20:03 (UTC)
  5. Avatar
    Andrea commented:
    is there a group for: 2.7    Attribution (micro- and nano-credits) ?
    Monday 24 August 2009 19:14:55 (UTC)
  6. 728?size=48x48
    Barend created the Concept Web Alliance (general) group
    Monday 27 July 2009 12:48:15 (UTC)

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Blob nano publication as a way to explain rich triples

Created: 2009-10-23 07:32:36 | Last updated: 2009-10-25 20:38:34

Credits: User Barend User Jan Velterop Network-member Concept Web Alliance (general)

License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License

This paper can be used to explain what triples in our context are meant to be and to serve I will present the paper on the semantic web conference workshop 26th of November

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