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Workflow Test interaction page in myExperiment (9)

This workflow demonstrates the feasibility of storing interaction pages in myExperiment

Created: 2014-02-04 | Last updated: 2014-02-06

Credits: User Jon Giddy


Workflow Print R expression (3)

This is a very small nested workflow to convert an R expression to the same textual representation that you see displayed when using the R command line.

Created: 2013-09-05 | Last updated: 2013-10-16

Credits: User Jon Giddy


Workflow Convert Taverna list of RExpr to R list - v2 (2)

This workflow accepts a Taverna list of arbitrary R expressions and returns a single R expression representing an R list containing the original expressions. This workflow relies on the current Taverna behaviour of an R expression being represented by a list of strings containing the deparsed expression. If this changes, this workflow will likely break. The first BeanShell converts each R expression (actually a list of strings) to a single string. This uses implicit iteration to do this for...

Created: 2013-09-04 | Last updated: 2013-10-14

Credits: User Jon Giddy Network-member BioVeL

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