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I am an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God in the Bahamas. I have pastored two churches and have served as support staff at several.

The degrees I currently hold are as follows: a Bachelor of Arts with a Bible/Theology major and a Christian Education minor, and a Masters in Education.

My experience also includes working at two para-church ministries: Global University and David Lewis Ministries. My time with both of these institutions total 15 years. My work in these institutions includes Office Administration, Editing, Curriculum Design, Testing and Measurement, and Publishing.

Educationally, I have taught in the classroom at the Elementary, Secondary, and Institute level. I also have administrative experience in each of these levels.

Currently I am the Dean and a class instructor at Abaco Bible College in Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas.

My intentions are to pursue a doctorate in Educational Administration.

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Field/Industry: Educatoin

Occupation/Role(s): Dean, Instructor


Rotary Club
Assemblies of God in the Bahamas


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Blob Fostering Collaborative and Inter-disciplinary Resea...

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Credits: User Dasands

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This paper was not written by me. It is one that I pulled off of the site. This is an area I would like to do further study in and would like the input of any of the MyExperiment members on its content, conclusions, any recommended redirection, etc The Url for the location of where the article was originally published is listed at the beginning of the paper.

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