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Network-member CWA-Working Group 3.2 ConceptWiki

Unique name: ConceptWiki
Created: Wednesday 29 July 2009 16:03:54 (UTC)

This CWA Working Group is concerned with the CWA ConceptWiki and its relationship to other scientific Wikis. This place on MyExperiment will serve as a common forum for the Working Group.

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Network-member CWA 2.4: Unified persistent ID

Unique name: persistent ID
Created: Thursday 13 August 2009 15:11:47 (UTC)

Collaborate with existing initiatives and develop clear guidelines for unique Identifiers and how they relate to DOI’s URI’ etc. and an initial design of a ‘best practices’ and ‘certification plan’ at the concept level, not yet the triple level (collaboration with 2.6)  

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Network-member CWA working group 2.6: Nanopublications

Created: Wednesday 12 August 2009 14:12:31 (UTC)

The Concept Web Alliance is an organization founded to promote the semantically rich publication and dissemination of life science data and knowledge. The basic underlying units of this knowledge will be 'triples' - concept-relationship-concept - represented using the Resource Description Framework (RDF) specification of the W3C. Technologies that are built around RDF such as RDF Triplestores,...

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