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Location: Spain

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User Drkrishnasarmapathy

Joined: Tuesday 24 July 2012 08:13:50 (UTC)

To carry out  Quality assurance  and development activity in the field of Organic Chemistry, to make profit for the organization, motivate, guide & lead a team of scientists, Direct strategic planning and the development of goals allied with organization objectives for the Quality group. Ensure the development of talent for leadership roles and plan talent succession for Quality S...

Last active:Wednesday 11 May 2022 06:13:28 (UTC)

Website: | Email (public):drkrishnasarmapathy

Field/Industry:CHEMICAL/PHARMA | Occupation/Role(s):HEAD

User Jose Enrique Ruiz

Joined: Tuesday 08 March 2011 00:23:14 (UTC)

 One of the best bug makers around..

Last active:Monday 21 September 2015 07:41:28 (UTC)

Website: | Email (public):jer [at]

3706?size=80x80 Gb Jsm

User Jsm

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No description

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Field/Industry:Astronomy | Occupation/Role(s):PDRA


User Juandesant

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Being in the web since always, now using it to provide astronomical content and methodologies.

Last active:Friday 30 January 2015 14:54:55 (UTC)

Website: | Email (public):jdsant [at]

Field/Industry:Astronomy | Occupation/Role(s):VIA-SKA Project Manager / AMIGA DB Radio Astronomer

User Julian Garrido

Joined: Wednesday 04 April 2012 08:35:05 (UTC)

No description

Last active:Thursday 26 February 2015 08:10:24 (UTC)


User LourdesVM

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No description

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User Pablo Martin

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No description

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User Pablo Ramírez Moreta

Joined: Friday 08 March 2013 11:22:38 (UTC)

No description

Last active:Friday 08 March 2013 15:41:14 (UTC)

Website: | Email (public):prm [at]

Field/Industry:Research | Occupation/Role(s):PhD student

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