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Network-member NeuroScience Newcastle

Unique name: newcastlebrains
Created: Wednesday 30 July 2008 16:32:58 (UTC)

This group is for the Newcastle Neuroscience Taverna Tutorial (01/08/08)

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Network-member Ondex Tutorial

Unique name: OndexTutorial
Created: Monday 05 January 2009 12:43:42 (UTC)

This group is provided for the Ondex training event (held at Manchester - Janurary 2009).

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Network-member Taverna 1 Tutorial

Unique name: taverna1tutorial
Created: Wednesday 14 January 2009 15:10:18 (UTC)

This group was created for anyone who is currently undergoing Taverna 1 training. Please feel free to add your workflows, packs, and files as you wish.

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Network-member Newcastle MSc.

Unique name: NewcastleMsc
Created: Wednesday 04 March 2009 14:53:45 (UTC)

This group was create for the Newcastle MSc.

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Network-member Bonn eScience Workshop

Created: Wednesday 16 March 2011 10:43:40 (UTC)

This group contains workflows and other resources for the Bonn e-Science workshop. Use this space for sharing with other members of the group. Finished workflow 'solutions' will also be posted here as the course progresses

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Network-member Bonn workshop 2012

Created: Wednesday 29 August 2012 11:39:39 (UTC)

This group is a shared space for material related to the "in silico experimentation using e-labs" at Bonn University, 3-5 Spetember 2012

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Network-member Cranfield Training Course - 22nd January 2015

Unique name: cranfield2015
Created: Wednesday 21 January 2015 15:24:13 (UTC)

This is a group for the Taverna Training at Cranfield University, 22nd January 2015.Part 1: 10am-12amPart 2: 2pm - 3pmThe training focuses on the hands-on aspect. We will learn how to use a variety of tools to support bioinformatics research. What we will cover:Introduction to web services, workflows, Taverna, myExperiment and BioCatalogue.Building a simple workflow using Taverna Workbench...

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