Pack: Understanding Basics of a Biome-BGC simulation run

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Title: Understanding Basics of a Biome-BGC simulation run

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Biome-BGC is a biogeochemical model that simulates the storage and flux of water, carbon, and nitrogen between the ecosystem and the atmosphere, and within the components of the terrestrial ecosystems (Thornton, 2000). The <font>Biome-BGC</font> was developed by the Numerical Terradynamic Simulation Group (NTSG), University of Montana.

The executable code of Biome-BGC are embedded in web services and workflows, while input and parameter files or datasets are managed with Biome-BGC Projects database. However exploring the original executable, directory structures, input, parameter and initial files can help to understand the basics of a simulation run. A simulation used to be composed as a Spin-up (warming up) and a successive Normal (production) run.

This pack contains the original, executable of Biome-BGC v4.1.1 MPI for Windows(Trusilova et al. 2009) with test files and appropriate settings. A recently described 'daylight average temperature calculation bug' have been also fixed by Zoltán Barcza. The BBGC_411 directory have to be simple copied (the program doesn't requires installation). The 'Run-Spinup-Normal.bat' file is a batch/command file, which suggested to run in a command line window. The first command lilne of the batch file sets the working directory, please edit it according to your environment.

User"s Guide of Biome-BGC version 4.1.1 (Thornton 2000), and other papers are included also.

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