Pack: What's the Season?

Created: 2011-10-05 05:59:24      Last updated: 2011-10-05 06:05:50
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Title: What's the Season?

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This pack contains the Excel file for What's the Season?, the workflow itself, and the inputs/outputs used for testing. The inputs/outputs are included in a .zip file.

What's the Season? will take a list of astronomical objects and check them against an Excel file. The Excel file currently contains Messier objects with magnitudes less than 6.0 (common names unless the common name is ambiguous or nonexistent, and then it goes by Messier number). It also contains really bright stars. If none of the objects exists in the Excel file, the workflow will show no output. If your input includes objects that are not in the file, those objects will not be retrieved.

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  1. What's the Season? Inputs and Outputs is an example output from What's the Season?.
  2. Messier Objects and Stars is an input to What's the Season?.

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