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Tag: monte carlo experiment User: Ferenc HORVATH
Project Biovel

Workflow Biome-BGC MCE 1.4.1 (4)

Biome-BGC is a process-based biogeochemical model that can be used to simulate carbon, nitrogen and water fluxes of different terrestrial ecosystems. Two models were implemented: Biome-BGC 4.1.1 MPI (Trusilova et al. 2009) and Biome-BGC MuSo 3.0 (Hidy & Barcza 2014). Its has about 40 and 60 various parameters. The only way to estimate or set these parameters is "calibration" (data-model-harmonization or model-data-fusion), which demands a hugh amount of computational capacity. Monte Carlo Exp...

Created: 2013-06-04 | Last updated: 2014-10-04

Credits: User Ferenc HORVATH User Zoltan BARCZA User Dora Krasser User Peter Ittzes Network-member BioVeL

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