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Group for (potential) users of the Concept Web.

See below for information on CWA taken from the Concept Web Alliance Blog. Also see other CWA groups here on myExperiment.

Please request to join this group if you are (i) a scientist working in application fields such as life science, (ii) interested in computer support for sharing knowledge between (computational) experiments and between scientists, and (iii) interested in telling other people what they do right or wrong.

In this group you would be a driving force for development of the Concept Web and you would be a prime user of any new tools developed within the Concept Web Alliance, acting as beta-tester for the developers in return.

CWA resources:

Description of CWA on the website of NBIC, one of the initial funders of CWA.

Short pitch of CWA (and SWAT4LS) by Marco Roos for DILS 2009

Jan Velterop’s slides about Triples and Access

Podcast about CWA (for a non-specialist audience)

Carole Goble’s slide presentation about CWA Sustainability and Governance

Carole Goble, The Seven Deadly Sins of Bioinformatics (slides – download)

Chris Mungall, The OBO Foundry (slides – download)

David Shorthouse, Encyclopedia of Life (slides – download)

Duncan Hull, Making Your Data More Meaningful (slides – download)

Created at: Tuesday 01 September 2009 16:35:48 (UTC)

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    Marco Roos shared BioAID_EnirchBioModelWithProteinsFromText
    This workflow is for demonstration purposes only. Please contact the authors if you wish to try it. We will gladly collaborate with you. Summary This workflow extracts proteins and protein relations from Medline. Extracted protein names (symbols of at least 3 characters) are validated against mouse, …
    Wednesday 08 May 2013 14:51:52 (UTC)
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    Marco Roos created the CWA users group
    Tuesday 01 September 2009 16:35:48 (UTC)

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