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This is a .txt file of demographic data of the species: Gentiana pneumonanthe, collected and published by Gerard Oostermeijer (Instituut voor Biodiversiteit en Ecosysteem Dynamica (IBED), Universiteit van Amsterdam).

This file allow users to run the workflow Calculate and Plot abundance over the years (

This table containing the demographic data on a series of individuals during 7 years, from 1987 to 1993 (6 periods: 1987-1988, 1988-1989 etc. until 1992-1993). Each individual has a table row for each year and is identified by a number (plant column in example). For the year specified in the column 'year', each individual has a certain life stage ('stage'). The stage codes must be a string (limit to 8 characters) . When an individual died after a year the stage will x .

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Oostermeijer, J.G.B. M.L. Brugman, E.R. de Boer; H.C.M. Den Nijs. 1996. Temporal and Spatial Variation in the Demography of Gentiana pneumonanthe, a Rare Perennial Herb. The Journal of Ecology, 84: 153-166.

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