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Type: KNIME Tag: workflow Licence: by-nc-sa Group: BioRetroSynth

Workflow RetroPath2.0-Mods-isomer-transformation-queue (2)

The workflow allows one to enumerate isomers of chemical structure(s) using the isomer transformation algorithm. It is a modified version of "RetroPath2.0-Mods-isomer-transformation". It illustrates how to introduce a FIFO data structure for the source set and use it for iteratively firing rules on small chunks of structures. See [1] for details. How to useSee instructions embedded in the workflow.Usage specificationsThe workflow is compatible starting from version 3.4.1 of Kni...

Created: 2017-10-12 | Last updated: 2017-12-19

Credits: User Thomas Duigou Network-member BioRetroSynth

Attributions: Workflow RetroPath2.0 - a retrosynthesis workflow with tutorial and example data Workflow RetroPath2.0-Mods-isomer-transformation

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