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Type: BioExtract Server Tag: mutation User: Kendra Giesey Licence: by-sa

Workflow Protein Mutation Analysis Using the BioExt... (1)

This workflow, created using the BioExtract Server, contains a protein query (using the NCBI Protein Database), Blastp, ClustalW, Transeq, Garnier, PepWindowWall, PepInfo, and Octanol. For this workflow, a mutated protein sequence needs to be selected. Once the corresponding non-mutated sequence has been queried, the Blastp tool can be used to find sequences similar to the one queried, and the ClustalW tool can be used to analyze whether the mutation is conserved within species.  The Tra...

Created: 2010-07-22 | Last updated: 2010-07-22

Credits: User Kendra Giesey User Yosr Bouhlal Network-member BioExtract Server for Genomics

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