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Type: Taverna 2 Tag: localworker

Workflow Example of Execute_SQL_Query with parameters (1)

This workflow connects to a mysql on localhost, queries the "world" database which is one of the test databases on MySQL 5.5, queries it about which countries have Dutch as a language, and emits answers in both Lists and in xml. This workflow is intended as an example to help you see the syntax for the various inputs to this local service beanshell. see: for instructions on jars, dependencies etc. The jar used he...

Created: 2012-03-16 | Last updated: 2012-03-16

Credits: User Helen Hulme

Workflow Fetch today's xkcd comic (1)

Use the local services and some filtering operations to fetch the comic strip image from Based on the FetchDailyDilbert workflow.

Created: 2011-07-12 | Last updated: 2011-07-12

Credits: User Tomoinn User Stian Soiland-Reyes

Attributions: Workflow Fetch today's xkcd comic


Workflow Example of jdbc (1)

No description

Created: 2012-05-24 | Last updated: 2012-05-24

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