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Type: Taverna 2 Tag: astrophysics User: Anja Le Blanc Wsdl:

Workflow Associate flares with active regions (1)

This workflow is querying the HFC ActiveRegions list and HEC flare lists (names retrieved from the ontlogoy) It requires a time periode and a search radius arround the centre of an Active Region as inputs It produces two outputs: HFCout is a modified VOTable where a field per flare list is added with the number of associated flares. combined_output is a 2 dimensional list with an VOTable for each Active region and each one with an VOTable for all associated flares for that Active Region.

Created: 2011-02-22 | Last updated: 2011-08-24

Credits: User Anja Le Blanc

Attributions: Workflow Associate goes X ray flares with active regions Workflow Associate hessi flares with active regions

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