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Type: Taverna 2 Tag: imagemagick

Workflow Imagemagick convert - tiff/png/bmp/jpeg2ti... (2)

Converts tiff to tiff/png/bmp/jpeg using imagemagick convert with the provided compression

Created: 2014-02-14 | Last updated: 2014-11-06

Credits: User Markus Plangg

Workflow Imagemagick identify - image size (1)

Extracts the image size using imagemagick identify

Created: 2014-06-16

Credits: User Markus Plangg


Workflow Migration Imagemagick convert no compression (2)

Converts an image using imagemagick convert -compress None

Created: 2013-02-25 | Last updated: 2013-02-26

Credits: User Kraxner User Markus Plangg


Workflow Convert (1)

Elementary workflow for execution on the on-line DAE platform. Converts an input image into another format by using the ImageMagick "convert" program.

Created: 2012-10-16 | Last updated: 2012-10-16

Credits: User Bart Lamiroy

Workflow Simple image migration (1)

Then starts a migration action on an image and extracts properties from the original and migrated image. The properties are compared and a QA algorithms is started on the image data itself .

Created: 2012-05-08 | Last updated: 2012-05-08

Credits: User Markus Plangg

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