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Type: Taverna 1 Tag: protein structure Licence: by-sa

Workflow mustang provides structural alignment of t... (3)

This workflow experiments with the partial execution of jobs on a computational grid. The workflow elements "mustang" and "boxshade" are executed on grid nodes. Access to these resources is orchestrated with the plugin available on Please contact the author of this workflow for access permissions.

Created: 2008-08-20 | Last updated: 2008-08-25

Credits: User Steffen Möller

Attributions: Workflow Fetch PDB flatfile from RCSB server

Workflow Fetch PDB flatfile from RCSB server (1)

Given aPDB identifier such as '1crn', this workflow fetches the PDB format flatfile from the RCSB

Created: 2008-01-25 | Last updated: 2008-03-05

Credits: User Katy Wolstencroft

Workflow Structural alignment of arbitrary number o... (1)

This grid-executed Mustang application performs a structural alignment of protein sequences. The number of arguments is variable, in principle, but is shown here for three. The application is executed via the Taverna-ARC plugin on a machine of the NorduGrid. Although your machine can be a part of it, you may prefer to wait for a later version of that interface that does not require grid certificates.

Created: 2008-09-02

Credits: User Steffen Möller User Fxtentacle

Attributions: Workflow Fetch PDB flatfile from RCSB server

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