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Type: Taverna 1 Tag: gene expression

Workflow Arabidopsis thaliana Microarray Analysis (1)

This workflow searches for genes which are found to be differentially expressed in a microarray study using Arabidopsis thaliana. The workflow requires an input of a list of differentially expressed AffyMetrix Probeset identifiers. Data is then extracted from BioMart to annotate each of the genes. The UniProt identifiers are then sent to KEGG to obtain KEGG gene identifiers. The KEGG gene identifiers are then used to searcg for pathways in the KEGG pathway database.

Created: 2009-07-08

Credits: User Paul Fisher


Workflow hierarchical microarray clustering (1)

To illustrate our caGrid plug-in’s application, we tested it with a microarray hierarchical clustering workflow that involves services hosted at multiple institutions. Microarrays are a high-throughput technology used to measure the expression of tens of thousands of genes in different tissues or cells. Scientists represent the data from each microarray via a vector (profile) in which each element represents a gene’s expression level. They use clustering analysis to identify sim...

Created: 2008-12-05 | Last updated: 2008-12-05

Credits: User Wei Tan

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