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Type: Taverna 1 Licence: by-sa

Workflow myExperimentBeanshellCollection (2)

Public collection of generic Beanshells curated by the myExperimentBeanshellCollection group on myExperiment. Visit for details and updates. To use this collection of beanshells in Taverna: Right click "Available Processors" in the "Design Perspective" Choose "Add new Workflow scavenger..." Provide the URL to this beanshell collection on or if you downloaded this to your hard disk, provide a "file" URL to the absolute path of this file (O...

Created: 2008-03-06 | Last updated: 2008-03-25

Credits: Network-member myExperimentBeanshellCollection

Workflow ProteinSynonymsToQuery (2)

This workflow uses Martijn Schuemie's protein synonym service to produce synonyms and a new query string from the input query term. The service is limited to proteins, enzymes and genes. An input query that is a boolean string will be split and processed, but the boolean logic of the input query will be lost. Workflow URL:

Created: 2007-10-03 | Last updated: 2007-11-13

Credits: User Marco Roos User Martijn Schuemie Network-member AID

Workflow Pathways and Gene annotations for QTL region (2)

This workflow searches for genes which reside in a QTL (Quantitative Trait Loci) region in the Pig, Sus scrofa. The workflow requires an input of: a chromosome name or number; a QTL start base pair position; QTL end base pair position. Data is then extracted from BioMart to annotate each of the genes found in this region. The Entrez and UniProt identifiers are then sent to KEGG to obtain KEGG gene identifiers. The KEGG gene identifiers are then used to searcg for pathways in the KEGG pathway ...

Created: 2009-11-20 | Last updated: 2009-11-20

Credits: User Paul Fisher

Attributions: Workflow Pathways and Gene annotations for QTL region

Workflow DOI Record Generator (1)

This workflow generates DOI record files for deposit, using data set metadata for the FLOSSmole project. It reads in an input file generated from a SQL query from an eprints database, and transforms the parts of the source file as necessary to create a comprehensive DOI deposit record. It also generates DOIs for the data sets. These metadata are inserted into an XML record template (based on the std-doi.xsd schema) and the individual resources are aggregated into a single file.

Created: 2009-04-29

Credits: User Andrea Wiggins

Attributions: Workflow Data Set Metadata Generator

Workflow Download pathways for external references ... (2)

Takes a list of external references to genes/proteins/metabolites, finds all pathways on WikiPathways that contain one of the given genes/proteins/metabolites and downloads them in a given file format.

Created: 2008-11-14

Credits: User Thomaskelder

Attributions: Workflow CloneItemsInList


Workflow AppendToFile (2)

Processor to add content to a (existing)  file. The content is added to the end of the file. The inputs: Filename: the file name of a file, if the file does not exists, a new file is added Content: the string to append NewLine [default = true]: if true, a newline is added to the end of the line (useful if you want to add a record each time)   The processor supports Multi-Threading since version 2.

Created: 2008-11-11 | Last updated: 2008-11-11

Credits: User Wassinki


Workflow Blat against ENSEMBLE Danio_rerio_Genome (1)

The blat workflow invokes the blat services provided at (author Pieter Neerincx). As input, it takes a database name (for example, Danio_rerio_Genome for Zebra Fish) and one or more sequences in Fasta format. The output will be a tab separated output of the blat. An eValue string constant is added to filter on the e-Value. Note, the e-Value is not exactly the same as the blast e-Value. To run this workflow, a certificate to access needs to instal...

Created: 2008-10-15 | Last updated: 2008-10-15

Credits: User Wassinki

Workflow Data Set Metadata Generator (1)

This workflow generates ePrints XML import files with data set metadata for the FLOSSmole project. It reads in an input file generated from a Notre Dame SourceForge dump SQL query and uses regular expressions to parse the filename for the data set's source repository, download URL, and basic description. It also translates the epoch date into a sql format suitable for import, and the file size from bytes into larger units, e.g. GB, MB, etc. These data are inserted into an XML eprint record te...

Created: 2008-08-19 | Last updated: 2008-08-19

Credits: User Andrea Wiggins

Workflow Retrieve Protein Sequence (1)

Retrieves a protein sequence in Fasta format from GenBank, given a GenBank identifier. Example input for this workflow is: EDL10223.1

Created: 2008-07-30 | Last updated: 2009-12-03

Credits: User Katy Wolstencroft

Workflow Fetch today's xkcd comic (1)

Use the local java plugins and some filtering operations to fetch the comic strip image from Based on the FetchDailyDilbert workflow.  I just uploaded this example so I can play around with the myexperiment api.

Created: 2008-05-05 | Last updated: 2008-05-05

Credits: User Alan Williams

Attributions: Workflow Fetch today's xkcd comic

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