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Tag: myexperiment Licence: by-sa

Workflow Analysing workflows (3)

This workflows analyses workflows stored at the myExperiment site. It is used in the paper submitted to the Workshop on Scientific Workflow 2009. The workflow shows the task usage in the Taverna workflows stored at the myExperiment site The amount of services used The amount of local processors used The amount of scripting tasks The amount of sub workflows Furthermore it classifies the local services based on their intended function. The workflow has two inputs: ...

Created: 2009-05-06 | Last updated: 2009-05-06

Credits: User Wassinki User Pieter Neerincx User Katy Wolstencroft User Marco Roos


Workflow Test SOAP/WSDL Service Availability (1)

This workflow tests for all Taverna workflows stored at myExperiment wether the SOAP/WSDL services used still exists. For each SOAP/WSDL service it checks wether the WSDL file is still accessible and whether the operation is still exists. The output is among others a report of accessible services and operation, operations which WSDL file is not accessible, operations which WSDL file still exists, but the operation is not defined anymore. The last set needs to be checked by hand, because...

Created: 2009-05-29

Credits: User Wassinki


Workflow Index MyExperiment Workflow (2)

This workflow uses AIDA components to index all of the workflows on MyExperiment. First, it lists and downloads each workflow's xml file. Then, the titles and descriptions are parsed and submitted to an Indexer webservice. After it's finished, your index will be searchable by visiting

Created: 2009-05-26 | Last updated: 2009-05-27

Credits: User Edgar

Workflow Lists all Taverna 2 workflows (1)

Uses Bioclipse and the MyExperiment SPARQL end point.

Created: 2009-08-21 | Last updated: 2009-08-22

Credits: User Egon Willighagen

Workflow myExperiment Group Activity Report (1)

Prepares a report (three CSV files) on the activity of a group on myExperiment.

Created: 2014-08-26

Credits: User Donal Fellows

Workflow list of names of Taverna workflow contribu... (1)

Paste into 

Created: 2011-03-13

Credits: User David De Roure

Workflow Tag Metadata (2)

  SPARQL query to show tag creator and creation time

Created: 2010-07-09 | Last updated: 2010-07-09

Credits: User David De Roure

Workflow Similar Workflows (1)

SPARQL query to to test for workflows that should be attributed or may just be copies of earlier workflows. Use with

Created: 2010-07-09

Credits: User David De Roure User David R Newman User Danius Michaelides

Workflow Downloads all Bioclipse Scripting Language... (1)

 Downloads all Bioclipse Scripting Language scripts uploaded to MyExperiment into the Bioclipse workspace, and opens them in JavaScript editors.

Created: 2010-06-23 | Last updated: 2010-06-23

Credits: User Egon Willighagen

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