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Tag: protein annotation User: Hamish McWilliam Licence: by Wsdl:

Workflow EBI_Blast2InterPro (2)

Note: the WSInterProScan web service used by this workflow is no longer available haveing been replaced by the EMBL-EBI's InterProScan (REST) ( and InterProScan (SOAP) ( web services. Thus the workflow described here no longer works, see the alternative workflows for the InterProScan (SOAP) service for workflows which use the new services. Perform a BLAST search a...

Created: 2008-10-26 | Last updated: 2012-08-22

Credits: User Hamish McWilliam

Attributions: Workflow EBI_WU-BLAST Workflow EBI_dbfetch_fetchBatch Workflow Fasta_string_to_fasta_list Workflow EBI_InterProScan

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