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Tag: chemical Licence: by-sa Group: Open PHACTS

Workflow Chemical2URIs (1)

This workflow will map a chemical name or identifier to uniform resource identifiers (URIs). First the ChemSpider web service is used to map the chemical name to a ChemSpider identifier, then the ChemSpider identifier is mapped to URIs via the Open PHACTS platform.

Created: 2015-08-18

Credits: User Kristina Hettne User Eelke van der Horst Network-member BioSemantics

Workflow Q5: For molecules that contain substructur... (1)

This workflow requires the input of a substructure of a chemical as represented as a SMILES string and a class of targets from either the ENZYME or Chembl target classification. It answers one of the scientific use cases (Question 5 see K. Azzaoui et al. Scientific competency questions as the basis for semantically enriched open pharmacological space development. Drug Discov. Today 18 (2013), p. 843-852) that was used as the basis for the development of the Open PHACTS Dis...

Created: 2014-09-29 | Last updated: 2014-09-29

Credits: User Christine Chichester User Daniela Digles Network-member Open PHACTS

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