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Tag: hps Wsdl:

Workflow Associate SEP events at Earth with flare, ... (1)

This is the implementation of a use case worked on during CDAW3 of the HELIO project. SEP events propagated backward from Earth to the Sun. We allow for +- 30 min around the predicted time to search for flare events. The timing of the flare event informs the search time for Type III radio event (time_start to time_peak) and for the CME event (time_start to time_start+1h). Results are presented in a mulitlayered VOTable.

Created: 2012-03-13 | Last updated: 2012-03-13

Credits: User Anja Le Blanc User Rositsa

Attributions: Workflow Propagation of the Solar Energetic Particles to the Sun Workflow Extract content of columns from VOTables

Workflow Filter CME events to events which could ha... (1)

This workflow uses the initial time period to search for time periods where Earth and Mars are not further appart than 80 degrees. These time periods are used to find Halo CME events. The CME events are forward propagated to Earth and Sun. Only events were the propagation model predicts that both planets are on the propagation path will be included in the final VOTable

Created: 2012-02-29 | Last updated: 2012-02-29

Credits: User Anja Le Blanc

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