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Tag: collaborative filtering User: Ninoaf Licence: by-nd

Workflow SVD user-based collaborative filtering rec... (1)

This workflow takes user-item matrix A as a input. Then it calculates reduced SVD decomposition A_k by taking only k greatest singular values and corresponding singular vectors. This worfkflow calculates recommendations and predictions for particular user %{id} from matrix A. Particular row %{id} is taken from original matrix A and replaced with %{id} row in A_k matrix. Predictions are made for %{id} user based on another users A_k. Note: This workflow uses R-script operator with R library ...

Created: 2011-05-09 | Last updated: 2011-05-09

Credits: User Ninoaf User Matko Bošnjak

Attributions: Workflow User-based collaborative filtering recommender system template Blob Datasets for the pack: RCOMM2011 recommender systems workflow templates

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