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Tag: flare User: David PS

Workflow Find data from a list of instruments and a... (1)

For a certain time range, it looks for flares between a energy range (GOES x-ray flare class), and it provides the observations for such time range for the list of instruments asked. It also provides the table of flares with its properties. Note: This workflow does not look whether the instrument was not looking to the right field of view (eg., CDS)

Created: 2013-03-20

Credits: User David PS User Anja Le Blanc User Nadia Cerezo User Gab

Attributions: Workflow find events in xray and radio


Workflow When did the fastest type II CME happened? (1)

Simple query to the HELIO Event Catalogue to extract the start and end time of the fastest CME from the Wind Type II catalogue. Also it extracts the Xray Class from the flare associated to the CME

Created: 2012-10-21

Credits: User David PS User Eoincar

Attributions: Workflow Extract content of columns from VOTables

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