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Tag: cluster Licence: by-sa

Workflow Tuiuiu synchronous workflow (1)

Tuiuiu removes from a sequence or from a set of sequences areas as large as possible that do not contain researched repeats. Tuiuiu is used as a preliminary step before applying a multiple local aligner tool. Modeling and algorithmic details are provided in the following paper. Please, cite this paper if you use Tuiuiu. P. Peterlongo, G. Sacomoto, A. Pereira do Lago, N. Pisanti, M.-F. Sagot Lossless filter for multiple repeats with bounded edit distance BMC Algorithms for Mole...

Created: 2009-06-29 | Last updated: 2009-06-29

Credits: User Network-member GenOUEST Platform

Workflow Clustering of Molecular Compounds with Bio... (4)

This workflow downloads an input set of molecular compounds in SMILES format, using Chemspider service. The most frequent molecular fragments are extracted by means of MoSS tool (see , in order to obtain a set of features for each compound. Then a clustering and a visual exploration of the input dataset is performed by BioDICE service (see, implementing Fast Learning Self-Organized Map (FLSOM) algorithm. Finally the ...

Created: 2013-05-29 | Last updated: 2014-01-09

Credits: User Antonino Fiannaca User Massimo La Rosa

Attributions: Workflow Get compound information Workflow Simple search

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