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Tag: graph Licence: by-sa Group: BioVel Workshop

Workflow Transient Dynamics. (3)

This workflow produces plots of the short-term dynamics and convergence to stable stage distribution using stage vector projections. ============================================================ This workflow has been created by the Biodiversity Virtual e-Laboratory (BioVeL project. BioVeL is funded by the EU’s Seventh Framework Program, grant no. 283359. This workflow was created based on Package ‘popbio’ in R. Stubben, C & B. Milligan. 2007. Estimating and Anal...

Created: 2012-11-02 | Last updated: 2014-07-31

Credits: User Maria Paula Balcazar-Vargas User Jon Giddy User Gerard Oostermeijer

Attributions: Workflow Matrix Population Model construction and analysis v20 Workflow Matrix Population Model analysis v12 Blob Stage Matrix of Gentiana pneumonanthe 1987-88

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