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Group: IMPACT-myGrid-Hackathon

Workflow Image files comparison using histograms an... (2)

This workflow extracts histogram and profile features from image file applying image processing command line tool. Necessary configuration files are stored on Github ( As a template for creation of image workflows was used xa-toolwrapper project from Sven Schlarb ( This workflow provides WSDL web service that wraps command line tool with tho options ‘extra...

Created: 2011-11-22 | Last updated: 2011-11-23

Credits: User Roman

Workflow Compare OCR result of original and BW vers... (1)

 Use the word based edit distance to compare the OCR result of the original and a binarised version of an image

Created: 2011-11-15 | Last updated: 2011-11-15

Credits: User perdalum Network-member IMPACT-myGrid-Hackathon

Attributions: Workflow Calculate edit distance based on words

Workflow Sample IMPACT hackathon workflow (1)

Workflow that implements the Use Case for Group 2 at the IMPACT/Taverna hackathon. What it does is to take the URL of a TIFF image and compute the Levenshtein difference between the OCR output of the uncompressed version with various ones compressed at various bit rates.

Created: 2011-11-14 | Last updated: 2012-06-19

Credits: User Donal Fellows

Workflow Calculate edit distance based on words (1)

 Calculate the word based edit distance between a scan of an OCR image and its ground truth.

Created: 2011-11-14 | Last updated: 2011-11-14

Credits: User perdalum

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