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Group: NBIC Life Science Information Management 2013

Workflow Find pathways in which two genes co-occur ... (1)

This workflow finds all pathways in which two gene symbols co-occur. This workflow was created as an exercise for the "Managing and Integrating Information in the Life Sciences course 2013" at the LUMC, which is organized by the Netherlands Bioinformatics Center (NBIC).

Created: 2013-06-28 | Last updated: 2013-06-28

Workflow OPS_FreetextToTargetInfo (1)

Workflow to retrieve target information for the concepts as refered to by humans (the input). Known issues: It produces error values for the concepts returned by ConceptWiki that are apparently not present in OPS (e.g. for "ezh2" and limit=10, it gives 7/10 error values vs "ezh2 (homo sapiens)" giving 2 valid values).

Created: 2013-06-18

Credits: User Marco Roos User Katy Wolstencroft User paul groth

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