Test SOAP/WSDL Service Availability

Created: 2009-05-29 10:15:41

This workflow tests for all Taverna workflows stored at myExperiment wether the SOAP/WSDL services used still exists. For each SOAP/WSDL service it checks wether the WSDL file is still accessible and whether the operation is still exists.

The output is among others a report of

  • accessible services and operation,
  • operations which WSDL file is not accessible,
  • operations which WSDL file still exists, but the operation is not defined anymore.

The last set needs to be checked by hand, because this workflow currently does not check correctly WSDL files that use import statements, because these import statements are ignored. This means that many of the operations not found exists, but are defined in imported WSDL files.

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