Migrate Pipeline Workflow

Created: 2012-03-08 18:15:30

Migrate estimates effective population sizes and past migration rates between n population assuming a migration matrix model with asymmetric migration rates and different subpopulation sizes. Migrate uses maximum likelihood or Bayesian inference to jointly estimate all parameters.



Workflow Usage & Specifications

Migrate can use the following data types:

•Sequence data using Felsenstein's 84 model with or without site rate variation,

•Single nucleotide polymorphism data (sequence-like data input, HAPMAP-like data input)

•Microsatellite data using a stepwise mutation model or a brownian motion mutation model (using the repeatlength input format or the fragment-length input format),

•Electrophoretic data using an 'infinite' allele model.


The output can contain: Estimates of all migration rates and all population sizes, assuming constant mutation rates among loci or a gamma distributed mutation rate among loci. Profile likelihood tables, Percentiles, Likelihood-ratio tests, and simple plots of the log-likelihood surfaces for all populations and all loci.

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