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Public collection of generic Beanshells curated by the myExperimentBeanshellCollection group on myExperiment. Visit for details and updates.

To use this collection of beanshells in Taverna:

  • Right click "Available Processors" in the "Design Perspective"
  • Choose "Add new Workflow scavenger..."
  • Provide the URL to this beanshell collection on or if you downloaded this to your hard disk, provide a "file" URL to the absolute path of this file (On Linux/Unix/Mac: file:///some/path/on/my/disk/myExperimentBeanshellCollection.xml) (On Windows: file:///drive_letter:/My%20Documents/myExperimentBeanshellCollection.xml)

* You can select Beanshells from this scavenger now and add them to your workflow like any other processor.

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