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Pack Carole's Keynotes

Created: 2008-09-27 19:52:17 | Last updated: 2010-05-08 20:24:47

Carole Goble's 2008 keynote talks that feature myExperiment, in PowerPoint 97-2003 format. All myExperiment presentation can be found on the wiki on http://wiki.myexperiment.org/index.php/Presentations  

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Pack Presentation - Anchors in the Shifting Sand: The Pri...

Created: 2010-04-26 19:26:44 | Last updated: 2010-07-04 14:38:35

Title: Anchors in the Shifting Sand: The Primacy of Method in the Web of Data Speaker: David De Roure Event: WebSci 10 Event URL: http://www.websci10.org/ Location: Raleigh, North Carolina Date: Tuesday April 27, 2010 Formats: .ppt

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