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Workflow Gene set enrichment analysis (Affymetrix p... (1)

This workflow is designed to perform Gene Set Enrichment Analysis, GSEA, as it is described at http://www.broadinstitute.org/gsea/index.jsp. As input, the normalized data with Affymetrix probeset IDs can be submitted.First, the input files are subjected to fold-change calculation. The table with probeset Ids and calculated fold change values is converted into a table with Ensembl Gene Ids. At the next step, the Ensembl genes are annotated with additional information, gene description and gene...

Created: 2013-10-29 | Last updated: 2015-04-17

Credits: User geneXplain

Workflow FunctionalClusterDavid (1)

This workflow takes a list of Entrez Gene IDs as input and submits them to the DAVID REST API for functional clustering using OG annotaiton, biological pathways and disease associations. Used for analysing a set of genes (i.e. those differentially expressed for a particular disease condition).

Created: 2014-09-05

Credits: User Katy Wolstencroft

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