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Pack HD chromatin analysis

Created: 2013-08-28 12:17:37 | Last updated: 2016-10-28 15:02:27

This pack is comprised by all workflows used for the integration and the analysis of Huntington's Disease (HD) gene expression data and epigenetic datasets in order to establish links between HD and epigenetic regulation in disease.  

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Workflow get promoter region + operate on genomic i... (1)

Finds the overlap between two datasets which contain genomic information (e.g. [gene id], chromosome name, gene start, gene end), plus some statistics. Returns rows of file_1 which overlap with the second file. A kolmogorov smirnov test is applied between the list that overlaps and the one that does not. NOTE: The library(GenomicRanges) is a prerequisite for this workflow

Created: 2013-11-04

Credits: User Eleni


Workflow Create nanopublications (1)

This workflow creates nanopublications for a gene list that is associated to Huntington's Disease

Created: 2015-04-03

Credits: User Eleni Network-member BioSemantics

Attributions: Blob create nanopublications Blob converter_nanopublications

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