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Workflow Random recommender (1)

This process does a random item recommendation; for a given item ID, from the example set of items, it randomly recommends a desired number of items. The purpose of this workflow is to produce a random recommendation baseline for comparison with different recommendation solutions, on different retrieval measures. The inputs to the process are context defined macros: %{id} defines an item ID for which we would like to obtain recommendation and %{recommender_no} defines the required number of ...

Created: 2011-03-15 | Last updated: 2011-03-15


Workflow Sphere lan-lot random points (1)

It gest n lat-lon coordinates pairs as comma separated values. It uses a a random generator from http://www.random.org

Created: 2013-09-10

Credits: User David PS

Workflow Make Groups for Tutorial (2)

The workflow pairs people from two groups of equal size into the same number of pairs with one member from each group. This is done randomly, using the random.org randomization engine, which in turn is based on atmospheric radio noise.

Created: 2014-04-16 | Last updated: 2015-10-12

Credits: User Magnus Palmblad

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