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Workflow Polygon buffer - Using pyWPS (1)

Basic example on how to integrate a Web Processing Service (WPS) using  PyWPS's WSDL/SOAP The workflow will accept a GML file with featureCollection where polyon is described using gml:coordinate element structure. This GMl is easely generated with GDAL. The coodinate structure will be converted to WKT and used to create a polygon using shapely, the output will be a buffer polygon with a defined width. Output polygon will replace the orginal polygon and the existing XML will be return...

Created: 2010-10-26 | Last updated: 2010-10-26

Credits: User Jorgejesus

Workflow WPS orchestration example, image metadata ... (1)

1 image inputs (GeoTIFF, JPEG,PNG), metadata from gdalinfo and histogram analisys, histogram result is a PNG image in base64 coding (default WPS service encoding) that will be converted to binary.

Created: 2011-03-03 | Last updated: 2011-03-03

Credits: User Jorgejesus

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