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Workflow Warp2D - 2D Time Alignment Workflow (3)

2D Time Alignment We describe a new time alignment method that takes advantage of both dimensions of LC-MS data to resolve ambiguities in peak matching while remaining computationally efficient. This approach, Warp2D, combines peak extraction with a two-dimensional correlation function to provide a reliable alignment scoring function that is insensitive to spurious peaks and background noise. One-dimensional alignment methods are often based on the total-ion-current eluti...

Created: 2010-05-20 | Last updated: 2010-11-22

Credits: User Ishtiaq AHMAD

Workflow ChIP-Seq - Identify and classify target genes (1)

This workflow identifies and classifies target genes using positional information of peaks found by ChiP-Seq approach. As input, the peak regions in BED format, can be submitted. Actually, any dataset in BED format can be submitted as input track for this workflow.First, the track file is converted into a gene set using Track to gene set analysis. The Ensembl gene list is then annotated with additional information, gene descriptions and chromosomal location.The annotated Ensembl genes are sub...

Created: 2013-11-13 | Last updated: 2015-04-17

Credits: User geneXplain

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